Meet Mike's Family ......  


You have now met some of my family it is time to meet some of Mike's. We had a very special Easter this year, thanks to Doug & Margaret. Margaret is Mike's older sister, married to Doug, parents of Blake, Chloe, Jada, & our newest addition Nina.

Let me share some things about our nieces and nephew. Blake is a fourth grader this year and is very involved in sports. Blake has always taken a liking to Aunt Robbyn and we are quite the buddies. Thanks to Blake we have a permanent seating arrangement at all of the Eggering gatherings. Chloe is next in line and what a bright, bright child. She is a second grader this year and her new passion in life is American Girl. Chloe is Mike's godchild and she has made gift giving quite easy now. Then we have Miss Jada. Jada is third in line and in kindergarten this year. She makes us laugh. She is the leader of the bunch or should I say the boss in charge :) She is quite the little soccer player and a little mom to her siblings. Last but not least we have our newest addition Nina. Nina joined our family in January and we are so pleased to have another niece to love. She is adjusting very well to her forever family. God could not of placed her better !!

That leads me back to the special day of Easter. We celebrated Nina's baptism along with the celebration of Easter. Mike is very honored to be Nina's godfather.

Thanks for the wonderful day Margaret !

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