Blogging Mania ......  


Blogging mania has hit the Hawk Point area !

I am sure the Schneider girls and the Claborn family think "What's the big deal"? But we all know that Hawk Point is a bit slower than the rest of the universe and we are all finally catching up to the latest thing.

This person that I would like to welcome is very dear to my heart and she just plain makes me laugh !!

Lisa has had a true test in life that has not only altered her personally but also her loved ones and very close friends. She has a new outlook that just radiates from within.

This is my friend that has been to my house at 4:30 in the afternoon in her green fuzzy robe to visit. Mind you, this house is grand central station and we have pop in visitors at any given time. And yes, we had visitors while Lisa was visiting in the green fuzzy robe. I asked what if she were pulled over by the police. She just laughed.

This is also the friend that sent out a mass email declaring that she rode on a Harley and attached a picture of a dog in the snow (by the way, I learned later the dog is dead). I looked and looked at the picture trying to figure out if the Harley was in the background or how this picture was related to a Harley :) Gotta love her ! She claimed a ghost at their address.

This might be the same person that told her youngest three children two weeks ago when leaving them with a sitter that she had cameras installed and was watching them. Gotta love her !

Lisa, I wish you great health and thanks for letting us in on your life !! We will wait eagerly for medical updates and we will savor your family stories.

Welcome !

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Thank you for such a warm welcome, who wouldn't want to live in HAWK POINT with the nicest people in Lincoln County??? You are a sweet friend!!

April 8, 2008 at 9:21 PM

We're actually thinking it's about time!! We love keeping up with happenings in H.P whatever way we can. Keep it going, we love it.

April 8, 2008 at 11:03 PM

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