Happy Father's Day, Mike ......  


All to often holidays go unnoticed for a step-parent and the importance ranks with the biological parent. But today I have to recognize an equally important person in my boys life. Although without reservation Mike promotes the importance of the boys spending time with their father on this day each year.

Over ten years ago Mike came into my life and boy was he in for a ride of a lifetime. Can you imagine joining the ranks of parenting with a two year old in tow and three teenage boys?

Through potty training, broken arms, car accidents, marriages, births of grandchildren, a death of a parent, he took an important role in every aspect of our life together. He did it with grace and acceptance for whatever was thrown at him and believe me at times it was more than dear old mom wanted to deal with.

But with every milestone and every journey Mike was right there and never thought twice of his commitment to our family. For that, I thank him. I could not of chosen a more ideal person to travel this life with. I love you for loving my boys as your own !!

Happy Father’s Day !! Love to you …..

It is not flesh and blood but the heart which makes us fathers and sons. ~Johann Schiller

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