Great Friends, Good Times ......  


Saturday we had a co-workers wedding reception and we had an added bonus because the Kemper's were invited as well as the cutest girls on earth ! Ryan was out of town hunting so Crystal and the girls came with her parent's. Crystal, we are glad you braved a wedding reception with two little girls !

Miss Abagail is a dancing machine.... Loves dancing and let me tell for a three year old she has the moves. She must of gotten her rhythm from the Huber's because have I mentioned that I can't even do the electric slide :) My friends thought years ago that it was something they could teach me. So after hours of class in our living rooms they resigned to the fact that it was not going to happen.

We don't get an adult night to many times anymore with the Kemper's. So even with starting the evening early, time flew by and as usual with the Kemper's it was tons of fun, and lots of laughs !! We can always quickly pick right up where we left off. For about 6 years every other weekend was spent with Tim and Mende and boy Mike and I miss those days ! It's heck having to grow up ...

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