Introducing the Columbia clan ......  


I would like to introduce you to my younger brother Nick, his wife Carrie and my ever so rotten niece Campbell. Not pictured is Nick's two older daughters Katie and Sara. I will introduce them later but let me tell you a little bit about them. Katie is 14 years old, driving in the state of AR and a brilliant child. She just started her first year in public school and is excelling at every endeavor she encounters. Sara is 10 years old and in the fourth grade at a private school. She is by far the sweetest child you would ever meet. She does not come without a smile and we love that about her.

Well that leaves baby Campbell. Campbell is now 11 months old and has yet to find love or even a tad bit liking for her Aunt Robbyn. She is tiny and so darn cute and I just want to love her to pieces but she certainly does not let that happen. As soon as Campbell sees me her little heart starts racing and she is frantically searching for her mommy. I can't even get within a comfort circumference for Campbell. Although a couple of weeks ago we had Miss Maci's first birthday party and I was messing with her as usual. She squealed and as soon as she knew she was safe from Aunt Robbyn, she looked at her Daddy and laughed. I am afraid this may now be a game that Campbell is winning.

Campbell, you will love Aunt Robbyn someday :)

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