OK- I have to be honest..... I have become a blog stalker in the last five weeks. Not because I am truly a boring person but the results of a car accident that has kept me recliner bound for weeks. Only my closest friends, my boys and Mike know that I have spent countless hours blog hopping from site to site. I have visited all over the United States and No, I do not know these people :) Mike thinks I may have lost my mind but I only reassure him that if I were communicating with these people then he could take me in for evaluation. For someone that is sitting for 23.5 hours a day you can only imagine the disappointment when signing on to find no updates, no pictures and no new blogs from the all of you. So yes, I had to resort to blog hopping. So now that I have my own I won't have near the time to read and seek out unknown people. Yikes.... that even sounds CRAZY !!

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THANK YOU, THANK YOU-- we died laughing! Shannon is very happy to know that his wife and sister-in-law are not the only crazy blog-stalkers out there! What can I say-- I get bored sometimes! :) Love your blog and hope your all doing well!

March 23, 2008 at 9:10 PM

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